Well here’s a challenge, finding the best of this year – photographically speaking. I’ll break it down by genre and see where that takes me.

Nature and Wildlife

Overall the number of species that I’ve photographed in 2020 sits at 45 in total, which isn’t bad considering. This included a number of hides that I hired plus a lot of travelling locally to see the more common species. An unexpected highlight was the arrival of a Hoopoe that got lost on its way back to Africa alongside witnessing a Cuckoo having a territorial dispute with a Reed Bunting.

People Stuff

2020 saw a first – a virtual shoot with Ivory Flame, organised and enacted over the internet. This was relatively easy to undertake, the camera was plugged into a laptop at the other end whilst I controlled it with Canon’s bespoke software. We only used natural window light but created some great images as I learned the ropes. There were also a couple of dance sessions in between lockdowns with Ariel Taylor and Geraldine Bell which were good fun and a mono shoot with Faye Noir.


When the first lockdown was announced and taking photos was not possible, I set myself a challenge to produce 12 creative images in 12 months – my ‘12 in 12’. Some if these I set up in a small home studio, others were images that I created in Photoshop from older material. As lockdown dragged on I found I had completed my 12 month project in 2 months!

It’s probably worth noting that I achieved the ‘5 Crown’ level in the British Photographic Exhibitions, a journey over 3 years and 300 acceptances and awards.