I have just dipped my toe into international exhibitions and salons and decided to enter a couple endorsed by the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Specifically I entered the Vidin Spring Circuit which consisted of salons in Bulgaria and Serbia.
I have heard that these international salons can be a little bit easier to succeed in than the BPE exhibitions that I am familiar with – their acceptance rate is in the 30-35% range as opposed to the British 20-25%. But, I certainly wasn’t expecting the success that I did get – Gold, Silver and Bronze medals plus an assortment of ribbons and ‘Honourable Mentions’! some of the images that I used were being aired for the first time and I entered them alongside some tried and tested images so that I could assess their relative merits. The medal winning images are shown below…
And the updated list can always be found here.

And finally two images that received Honourable Mentions alongside those above.