Brimham is an amazing geological landscape of millstone grit which was created around 320 million years ago when the area was an ancient riverbed. The layers of rock were raised upwards when the Pennines were were formed and have since been weathered by wind, rain, sun and ice leaving just the harder rocks that we see nowadays. The last ice age of around 15,000 years ago made the most significant impact in this geological wonderland, grinding away the softer rock and leaving the pillars and towers behind.
The rocks themselves make for interesting photographic exploration and offer many compositions but the natural history in the area is also well worth exploring. The grasses and wildflowers hosts many species of invertebrates that are well worth observing, I found and photographed: Speckled Wood, Small Skipper and Ringlet butterflies plus countless flies, bees and hoverflies.
I have also uploaded a short AV with many more images over on YouTube, Click HERE to see it.