I had an underwater shoot booked at Tankspace near Nottingham which was something new, something I had little information about but it looked like it should be good fun. Basically, the setup is a large tank with a glass front measuring approximately 3m wide, 2m high and 2m deep. This tank is lit by a range of LED lighting from either side and above.
Even with the lights on full it was a dark environment in which to shoot with the ISO being constantly raised to give any semblance of a decent shutter speed. As a result it has taken quite a lot of post-processing to create some acceptable shots as I have battled against noise and movement blur. Added issues to be dealt with were actually being able to focus on the submerged subjects as the camera was fooled into latching onto the glass front at times and the water quality deteriorated over time as more tiny air bubbles were created by the movement. Below are some of my early attempts, this will probably be a work in progress over many months as I dip back into the files to look for more opportunities.