Conservation of our planet’s wildlife has been a close interest of mine for quite a while now and I despair at constant news of more and more destruction of our natural resources. Whilst it’s difficult for mere individuals to create a major impact, we can all do our bit by making small lifestyle changes, supporting organisations for change and by raising issues that we care about.

With this mind, and being a photographer, I wanted to create an image with a narrative that depicts what we are currently doing to planet Earth. The image below shows a Black Rhino taken in South Africa along with a dead tree and Vulture all placed in a desolate landscape. To finish it off I placed a carcass in the background to add to the sense of doom!

As well as satisfying a need to tell this tale of destruction I started to enter the image in national and international exhibitions and I’m happy to say that it is pretty well received, either as a stand-alone image or maybe / hopefully because the message hits home.