Blackpool Illuminations, they’ve been seen and photographed by millions I suppose over the years so I thought I’d better have a go myself as I was in town with my three year old granddaughter. All the images were shot handheld at ISOs ranging from 1000 to 12800 on a Canon R5 so I expected a fair degree of noise in the images but there was surprisingly little and what there was was quickly reduced in Topaz DeNoise software. Trying to get something different from all the other shots taken is a bit tricky but I generally shot from the road side and tried to create leading lines through the images where I could.

Blackpool Illuminations is an annual lights festival, founded in 1879 and first switched on 18 September that year, held each autumn in the British seaside resort of Blackpool on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. Also known locally as The Lights or The Illuminations, they run each year for 66 days, from late August until early November at a time when most other English seaside resorts’ seasons are coming to an end. They are 6.2 miles long and use over one million bulbs. The display stretches along the Promenade from Starr Gate at the south end of the town to Bispham in the north.