An early start on a cold, frosty morning was undertaken in mid November to this large reedbed nature reserve on the Lancashire / Cumbria border to see if the Bearded Tits were still to be seen. Unfortunately it is a bit late in the season to see them at the grit trays as they are best seen in October as they start to change their food-source for the winter. However, there are still many other species to see and to photograph, amongst them was a particularly brave (or habituated) Dunnock that came as close as half a metre – far too close to photograph with a 500mm lens on the camera. The frosty ground provided a pleasant backdrop to the Dunnock and is a nice change to the usual greenery that they are often seen amongst. There were many of the usual ducks on the lakes and a Cormorant spent time preening and drying itself after a fishing expedition, I even managed to fleetingly spot a Tree-Creeper before it disappeared into the canopy. It was a good 2-3 hours reconnecting with nature, nothing spectacular but rewarding nonetheless.