Inspired by the theories of John Ruskin, who urged artists to ‘go to nature’, the Pre-Raphaelites believed in an art of serious subjects treated with maximum realism. Their principal themes were initially religious, but they also used subjects from literature and poetry, particularly those dealing with love and death

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With the above statement in mind, I attended a shoot at Julie Herbert Adams‘ studio in Farndon where the ambition was to take inspiration from this group of artists and create some images in their style. Tabitha Boydell designed sets and costumes in keeping with the subjects and we set about the task. To get the ’feel’ right there was much to think about in terms of light and also the posing of the time so time to research on Google gave some ideas. Once the images were captured it was time think about processing styles and techniques to create a painterly impression. I decided to deliberately under-expose in Photoshop Camera Raw then ’bring back’ the detail using brushes, this almost gave the feel of painting the image rather than creating them in camera. The images have made a welcome addition to my portfolio and is a style that maybe I should use more in the future. Thanks to model Chloé and the team for helping make this happen. Some images are below and others will appear here in due course.