September and early October saw us on a visit to South Africa for the first time in five years. The three weeks was split across Kruger national park and the Cape Town region with many activities planned.
The time in Kruger was centred on the wonderful and plentiful wildlife on offer whilst Cape Town offered some cultural opportunities with even more natural history on offer.
I have yet to finalise how I will split these activities on this website but I will try to group things in a way that is cohesive and makes sense.
South Africa is always interesting and often challenging, highs and lows are never far away and stories can often come from the adversities that are faced and we certainly had a few.
Photographically, I had made a conscious decision to only take photos that were better or different to what I already have so this made me look for different opportunities or viewpoints on the usual suspects. Whether it worked or not, time will tell as I select and process the RAW files – I certainly took less photos this time. Here are a few teasers from the trip…