L&CPU ‘Big Day’ Presentation

Recently I was asked to give a presentation to the attendees at the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union’s ‘Big Day’ as part of a series of talks based on the PAGB’s ‘Awards for Photographic Merit’.
There were talks on CPAGB, DPAGB and MPAGB showing how people had progressed through their successful journeys to their personal accreditation. I was joined on stage by Eddie Leach of Oldham PS, Christine Johnson of Warrington and Andrea Hargreaves of Pontefract Camera Club. The presentations all seemed to be well received and it was certainly an enjoyable, light-hearted day from my perspective.
An abridged version of my presentation can be seen here… My Journey to DPAGB (v1.1)

DPAGB Presentation Slide

2 thoughts on “L&CPU ‘Big Day’ Presentation

  1. Hi Steve, I found your site through the PAGB website of successful, CPAGB & DPAGB panels. Great site and images. I also found your presentation “my journey to DPAGB”. In the presentation you have a system called the competition photo manager v1.5, can I ask is this an off the shelf software or a homemade recording system. Can you please advise as I want to use one for my journey. I have an LRPS and am now on the PAGB journey, Regards Willie Wilson Lrps, Paignton Camera Club, Devon

    • Thanks for dropping in William and for the feedback on my images, glad you liked them. The software you mention is a bespoke access database that I wrote to help manage my BPE entries and then it grew from there. Somebody else asked a similar question and I might strip it back and make it available sometime in a more generic format.

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