As I was relaxing at home I noticed a paraglider over Pendle Hill. It was a bright sunny day so I grabbed my camera, put the 500mm lens on and promptly drove to the Wellsprings Inn and parked up. I hiked up the hill, no mean feat in my post-Covid world and started to grab some shots of the abundant paragliders in the air. With the prime lens on I was limited to the distances I could shoot from, often they were just too close or too far away, any way I managed quite a few images. One of the problems with photographing these subjects is the sheer size of them and in particular the distance of the paraglider from his canopy, it’s easy to have them spread across the frame with little of interest in between.

There was much else to see; fell runners, Kestrels on the hunt, model aircraft enthusiasts and the helicopter at the Wellsprings.