I joined two other photographers to do some photography amongst Lavender fields in the North West of England last week, on a day when we had a real mixture of (very) brief sunny spells and threatening dark clouds. Needless to say that the clouds won! Our subject for the day was ‘Silk’, a model from Wales who was outfitted by Tabitha Boydell in some fantastic gowns and props.
There was opportunity to frame many styles of shot from the ‘classic poses’ amongst the Lavender to some more creative and artistic approaches. Silk was a star throughout – fun, friendly and enthusiastic no matter how much rain the clouds challenged us with – and she pulled off with ease the moods that I wanted to capture on camera. It may only have been a couple of hours in the field but I believe that I have come away with some lovely images and some that I will continue to develop into more creative pieces over time, below are some images and more can be seen here