I’ve got to admit a bit of a fascination with the Eurofighter Typhoon – maybe because I worked at several of the factories that developed and built the aircraft and also the engine manufacturer too.
I have watched and photographed this superb piece of flying technology many times but not in its new display livery so when it was scheduled to be at Blackpool Airshow I got myself over there. I did have a bit of an issue though as I had bought a new Canon RF100-500 lens and traded in my older 100-400 lens. Annoyingly, the lens failed straight out of the box and had to be returned for a replacement (which works fine) so I had to use my EF500 f4 beast which limited the shots I could get (and made my arms ache!).

The image below has been ‘photoshopped’ to give the impression that it was above the clouds for a bit of a different perspective.